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The Hardgainer Solution : The Training and Diet Pl

Scott Abel,: The Hardgainer Solution : The Training and Diet Plans for Building a Better Body, Gaining Muscle, and Overcoming Your Genetics

The Hardgainer Solution : The Training and Diet Plans for Building a Better Body, Gaining Muscle, and Overcoming Your Genetics


A blueprint for building a better body, gaining muscle, and overcoming your geneticsTraining for Strength and Training for Muscle DevelopmentYou’ve been told, “train for strength, and development will come” and that “heavier is better.” These are half-truths at best, and myths at worst.The Hardgainer Solution argues that you train first and foremost for development, and thena certain kind of strength will come.Yes, you will get bigger and stronger on this training program, but true physique development and muscle gain is not about 1RM strength. This program is designed with one thing in mind: gaining muscle and physique development. If you are a hardgainer, you need to gain serious muscle mass before you can focus solely on dieting down, getting leaner or getting shredded or getting ripped.Note that this weight training program does not require you to drink 2 liters of milk every day, or to drink protein shakes all day. You do not need to engage in 4-hour weight training sessions or take steroids. The diet and meal plans included are reasonable and sustainable, and come with guidelines for tweaking and customization. They are what Scott has used with his own clients.What’s Included?• The background and history behind this program, including its roots in Scott’s training sessions with Bill Pearl in the 80s• Explanations and introduction to the program’s methodology• Guidelines for not just “what” to do when you workout, butHOW to workout effectively• A complete breakdown of over 80 individual workouts (plus links to get formatted, printable versions of the workouts)• How to "keep it alive" and stay fresh while staying consistent on the same program• Guidelines and formulas for determining your nutritional needs• A list of meal plans for different calorie levels• The importance of UNDERtrainingThe Hardgainer Muscle "Dilemma"Training Volume, Strength, and Recovery NeedsThe hardgainer dilemma is as follows: as a hardgainer, you need a certain amount of training volume to gain muscle. However, at the same time, as a hardgainer, youalso struggle to properly recover both between workouts and within an individual workout.Most weight training and bodybuilding programs for hardgainers fail to address this. Those that do tend to edge towards extremely low volume: a low number of reps, a low number of sets, only 2-3 training sessions per week, and so on. That's just not the way bodybuilders train when their focus is development.To get the most out ofyour body, you need to train in a way that lets you get the proper volume in a way that allows your muscles to recover and grow.The Hardgainer Solution was designed with precisely this goal in mind.>> Order the Hardgainer Solution today to get the full program, meal plans, and more

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Author: Scott Abel,
Number of Pages: 200 pages
Published Date: 25 Jan 2015
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781511703598
Download Link: Click Here

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